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Aerial video reporting services by drone

The arrival of the drone in the field of images has caused a small revolution.

Indeed, this device paved the way for a type of video hitherto reserved for pilots of helicopters, microlights and other flying devices: aerial video.


Today, it is an essential tool and a real asset for many professionals.

The drone is by nature a valuable ally in terms of mobility. By going where the cameraman cannot go, it allows a subject to be filmed from unprecedented angles.


Capturing a place as a whole, anchoring a subject in a setting, promoting a material or natural heritage… If the possibilities are endless, the result is always there!


In aerial video, the field of possibilities is wide. Among the drone services that I offer, we find the delivery of rushes for TV reports, site monitoring , real estate , video clip, tourist video, institutional films, ground reports, interviews and editing.

Drone images for multiple applications

I made the choice of quality by equipping myself with one of the best manufacturers: DJI. The flagship of the range, the Mavic 3 offers impeccable image quality thanks to its 4/3 CMOS sensor of 20 million pixels and its Hasselblad 5.1K camera.


Designed to resist the wind and equipped with three-axis stabilization, the drone guarantees videos and aerial photos of incredible clarity.


Following the aerial shooting, I manage the post-production: editing of the sequences, color grading, transitions, logo insertion… Always with the same objective, to best meet your needs.

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