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Aerial photography and video for real estate

The use of drones in real estate has created new possibilities to showcase a project, property or subdivision. With aerial photos and videos, you can now carry out site monitoring and present angles of view that buyers did not have access to before.

The drone provides real added value by capturing high definition aerial shots.

Thus, it makes it possible to integrate a property or a real estate project into a defined space: close to the sea, to leisure areas or to a commercial area, it has never been so easy to anchor a building in its environment. .

The integration of a real estate project in a virtual visit or the creation of a 3D model in a photo or a video allows the future purchaser to project himself in their future good.

Aerial photos allow the preview of the view from a terrace or the balcony of a building.

The integration of 3D modeling is also possible in a promotional video for the sale of a real estate project in order to discover the surrounding attractive points and to locate the project geographically.

The drone, an essential element to stand out in a competitive sector

The real estate industry is an extremely competitive environment and it is difficult to stand out among all the ads that are flooding the market. Whether you are a real estate agency, a notary or a real estate developer, call on an experienced professional drone remote pilot to present your property or your projects in an innovative way, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

The use of aerial views taken by drone for property development is a real asset that allows you to sell much faster. This is one of the reasons why high volume real estate agencies often use aerial photography to market their properties.

Clément Ragnère - Vision _ Télépilote de drone Professionnel en Occitanie_edited.jpg
Clément Ragnère - Vision _ Télépilote de drone Professionnel en Occitanie.jpg

Photo & Video of drone in real estate:
A significant advantage

Only 6% of companies use drone remote pilots. While a study, shows that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with an "agent" using aerial photo & video.


Why ?

Because it helps to create an engaging experience.

This is the ideal way for a property to stand out on online platforms or social networks, generate more clicks and therefore attract more visitors.

Did you know that a drone can sell real estate more expensive and faster?

Did you know that a drone can sell real estate more expensive and faster?

Drones are a real issue for the real estate professions!
Do not wait to be overwhelmed by new technologies, get on the bandwagon today to seduce your future customers.

Videos and aerial photos are an opportunity to speed up sales by highlighting the houses, the land, the architecture, the neighborhood, the environment, the orientation, etc.
This technology
  is an extremely effective modern seductive asset for promoting or selling goods.

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